Sunday, 8 March 2015

Chrome Extension - Tab Keeper

Opening too many tabs is one of the biggest memory hogs for the Chrome browser. In my search to find the most elegant solution to this problem, I stumbled upon Jacob Singh's Tab Wrangler extension.

It is perfect for my needs, except for the fact that it doesn't store tabs in a feel secure way and sync across all my computers. I didn't find a better way to achieve this, except using chrome Bookmarks.

I have modified the code to support this feature, so users can now optionally save all the closed tabs in Other bookmarks folder in chrome. Recent items are stored in Current folder, and older items are archived based on max tabs setting, to History folder within different timestamp folders, each containing previous sets of archived tabs.


  1. i'm trying to find out where exactly tab keeper places the folder if "store tabs in bookmarks" is ticked, cause i can't locate it in my bookmarks, only after exporting and re-importing bookmarks there is a "tab keeper bookmarks" folder. reason i ask is that had to reinstall my computer and with that my browser and now i would like to have the tab keeper histoy back into tab keeper in this install. i can't do that cause i only see the old "tab keeper bookmarks" folder with the historical tabs from the previous install, but not the new folder where i would have to copy them too. any help, information and suggestion is moer than welcome! greetz & thx

    1. They are all stored in Other bookmarks folder in chrome. Please export the bookmarks into a json or html file, before formatting your system. Later on you can import all those links back.